Yellow Iron Oxide Pigment C313

Yellow Iron Oxide Pigment C313 M3
June 19, 2017
Organic Pigment Blue AC
June 19, 2017


Ingredient Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)
EC No 257-098-5
CAS-No 51274-00-1


PIGMENT TI02 (1:5)

Chemical formula FeO(OH).n H2O or Fe2O3.nH2O
Appearance Powder
Colour C313
Odour Odourless
Iron oxide content (%) 85-87
Oil Absorption (Approx. g/100g) 35-45
Sieve Residue on 325-mesh (Max %) 0.5
pH of 10% solution 4-7
Water Soluble Salts (%) 0.5%
Loss On Heating at 105oC (Max %) 0.5
Boiling point (oC) > 1000oC
Tinting Strength (%) 95 – 105
Particle Shape Acicular
Vapor Pressure Not Applicable
Solubility Insoluble in water
Change in physical state
Thermal decomposition Not Applicable
Flash point Not Applicable
Flammable properties The product is not flammable under standardized
Explosion risks The product is not explosive conditions

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