• It is widely used as the colorant for square terrace, floor tiles, coloured cement, ceramics, water-based coatings, oil/anti-rust painting, paper, cork paper bobbin, adhesive tape, colored asphalt, industrial floor work, concrete roofing tile, chemical fertilizer, dyed wood and other building materials.
  • We offer quality consistency, light fastness, weather stability and tinting strength as well as covering power and good performance of dispersibility.

1. Construction & Concrete:

  • Building materials industry is one of the biggest applications of iron oxide pigments for coloring concrete and being extensively. Iron oxide Pigment is directly added into cement to color up various indoor and outdoor cement surfaces: Terrazzo bricks, pre-cast concrete components, paving stones, concrete masonry blocks, etc.

2. Anti-corrosive coating/ Oil-based paints:

  • Decided by different physical and chemical properties, each iron oxide pigment is suitable for different paint and coating. Our general iron oxide pigment is applicable for powder coating, corrosion protection, floor paint, oil-based coating, industrial coating.

NOTE: “Relative to the red and green pigments, standard black and yellow pigments are not as heat stable”

3. Colored Fertilizers and Agricultural Compounds:

  • Iron Oxide Pigments are also widely used in: dyes, pigment dispersions, and non-staining polymeric colorants for fertilizer and agricultural products can be custom developed for specific applications.

If your agricultural product or fertilizer contains pesticides such as fungicides and insecticides, contact us to discuss with our technical sales representatives.

4. Concrete Roof Tiles and Wood plastic composites coating:

  • Iron oxide pigment is extensively used in wood plastic composites, concrete roof tiles, terraces, ceiling, etc.

5. Colored asphalt /Industrial floor/Rubber:

  • It also applied to thermosetting plastic, inner tube, colorful Asphalt, wildly used for Industrial floor paint/garden/road, etc.